AOPC Accreditation

This project was initially considered in response to outreach by the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing to the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts. The Commission was responding to concerns expressed by judges about the perception of leniency when sentencing data from a judge presiding over a problem solving court was reviewed “out of context.” That, in addition to the fact accreditation would provide a quality assurance mechanism for the Supreme Court, lead to development of this proposal which was approved by the Supreme Court in July, 2011. The accreditation program was updated in 2016 to include the Adult Drug Court Best Practice Standards.

The objective of the accreditation process is to assess a problem solving court’s adherence to the 10 Key Components of Drug Courts and the Best Practice Standards of Adult Drug Courts, which are the nationally recognized framework for program operation. Close adherence to these components and standards has a direct correlation with program outcomes.

Currently the accreditation program is for Adult Drug Courts, Adult DUI Courts and Adult Hybrid Courts. For more information on initial accreditation as well as an application for accreditation click HERE

Initial accreditation is valid for three years. There is an accreditation renewal program. More information and application for renewal can be found HERE

The following is a list of all counties who have successfully reached accreditation status by the AOPC: