Training & Continuing Education

The various disciplines that work in Treatment Courts are required to attend training sessions. Continuing Education Credits are awarded to some of the disciplines that require credits at the PATCP Annual Conference.

On the national level, NADCP\NDCI provides online free webinars. Also, they hold an annual national training conference each year.

NDCI was formed in response to a greater need for standardized evidence-based training and technical assistance in Treatment Courts. NDCI has trained more than 200,000 adult, family, juvenile and tribal Treatment Courts in all 50 states and Washington D.C.

Other sister organizations besides NADCP (National Association of Drug Court Professionals) & NDCI (National Drug Court Institute) are Justice for Vets (Vets Courts) and National Center for DWI courts.

Below are some excellent resources for training information:

NADCP – National Association of Drug Court Professionals – Free online resources

Essential Elements of Adult Drug Courts (NCSC) – Free online training

American Society of Addiction Medicine (eLearning Center) – Multiple free online trainings

National Institute of Corrections (Learning Center) – Multiple free online trainings

PA Certification Board (PCB) (